Some Marketers Will Call This NEW AI Content Generator Magical Since It Gets Smarter and Smarter Every Time You Use It.

How Almost Any Content Creator Can Crank Out Content Seven Times Faster and write articles, social media posts, publish viral content and drive traffic at blistering speeds...


Hi, My name is Valentin, the lead developer of Viral Curation.

Among other things, I get to work side by side with Harlan Kilstein…

…Who once owned and published the Dogington Post and the Catington Post.

Using Viral Curation, Harlan grew the Dogington Post and Catington Post to worldwide fame.

And working next to Harlan, I discovered why he's one of the most prolific marketers of our time.

Using Viral Curation, Harlan pumped out more content than any other website owner in the industry.

And like Harlan.

You'll generate top quality content faster than ever before.

Without getting overwhelmed, without racking your brain and without wasting hours a day.


…If you were able to produce seven times more content each day (in less time than you spend now)...

...wouldn't that change your marketing efforts overnight.

You bet it would.

And with a few of Harlan's suggestions.

I've added even more features to make this the most valuable asset in your publishing arsenal.

You'll create content effortlessly.

Let me introduce you to Viral Curation, theONLYA.I. writing and publishing software that getssmarter every time you use it.


Every single time.

What Can You Expect From Viral Curation

Viral Curation gives you the abilty to write, distribute, publish, and find viral content, in one spot. Designed for bloggers, social media influencers, Facebook advertisers, copywriters and website owners.

Viral Content

Grab the attention of Google, Facebook, and website visitors with keyword dense original VIRAL content faster than ever before.(What once took hours, now takes minutes to do.)

Overcome Writer's Block

Eliminate writer's block with Viral Curation's "Idea Assistant". Brainstorm fresh ideas, develop keyword focused outlines and let A.I. write the content.(Staring at a blank screen ends today)

Publish Content

Distribute content across the web at the press of a button... spreading your vision across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Wordpress, Reddit, LinkedIn and many more…

Smart Scheduling

Schedule content to be posted when you want and where you want, even when 500 miles away from your computer with Viral Curation's, "Digital Assistant".


Verify every article passes Google strict duplicate content rules and remains plagiarism free with Copyscape included.(Scan your content in just seconds and publish minutes later)


Use A.I. to rewrite content you like so completely that even the original author wouldn't recognize it.(And yes - using this feature your blog posts not only rank highly but you qualify for Adsense payments as well)


Bring together writers and designers with Viral Curation's TEAM feature…now your team can work together like a well oiled machine, even if they're on the other side of the globe.

Mobile Compatible

Viral Curation easily works from your phone or tablet, meaning if you're sitting in traffic, waiting for an appointment, or even traveling at 30,000 feet, you can generate content and traffic to your website.(You now have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want)

…and so much more.

You see..

…a few years back you could post something on Facebook and 97% of your followers would see it.

But, Facebook slashed organic reach.

A post that could reach tens of thousands of users, were only seen by a pitiful few…

…Until Harlan's Dogington Post team found a glitch in Facebook.

They discovered when you share viral content.

Facebook will give you more credit and show it to more of your fans.

So he started using Viral Curation on the Catington Post and doubled his organic reach and then redoubled it again.

Listen…it's no secret that Facebook wants to dominate the web.

Facebook knows that people will stay glued to their pages if you give them viral content.

It's the same with Google.

Google boosts viral content in the search engine rankings.

And that means more visitors to your site, more advertising income, and more sales.

It's the Edge You Need…

…if you're fed up trying to feed the Google monster with 1,500 word articles.

And tired from hours spent hunched over your laptop.

And brain dead from racking your brain for fresh ideas.

And sick and tired of staring at a blank screen, hoping for inspiration.

When you see what Viral Curation can do for you or your business.

You'll be dazzled and amazed!

This breakthrough software you're about to discover is completely different.

It's a brand new way to create content.

And it's far more advanced than any other AI writer available.(Did you know that the leading A.I. software stopped its learning in 2019.)

That means if you try and write something about a recent event, the results will leave you fuming.

Put it this way.

It's not your fault your social media posts don't go viral.

And it's not your fault your blog post only attracts a few visitors.

Recently, Google released another SEO update called the "Google Helpful Update"

Other sites reported huge declines in traffic.

Viral Curation sites soared.

And by now, you know Facebook changes the rules every other week.

But Viral Curation keeps on building engagement in every niche.

If you're not using Viral Curation then you're getting left in the dark.

Here's What Viral Curation Can Do For You


Distribute Content

Publish and schedule your content across sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Medium, Blogger and Wordpress.

Choose when and where to post content, even when you're sunning yourself on the beaches of Miami.

Content Management

Manage all your social media posts, articles and photos in one spot.

We've integrated Canva into Viral Curation, so you can create and publish images from Canva, without ever leaving Viral Curation, saving you the headache of switching between platforms.


Content Editing

Here's where Viral Curation flexes its muscle.

With the A.I. writing assistant you can outline article ideas, write attention grabbing headlines and create Q&As for your topic.

Now making "how to" articles a snap.

And so much more.

Plus, the AI will write original content, finish your sentences, rephrase paragraphs and write summaries, with a few clicks of a mouse and a couple strokes from your keyboard.

Research Content

Viral Curation searches for articles, videos, images and websites using built-in search engines. Enter a keyword or domain and return hundreds of results.

And you can search news across the world or right in your own backyard.

Curate the content, and enjoy a never-ending supply of viral content for your social media platforms.


...Viral Curation's discovery feature will seek out the latest content in your niche and keep it fresh.

So you can discover new content before anyone else.


What Our Customers Have To Say

Publish more content in a fraction of the time...

Viral Curation isn't your average software and Harlan's not your average guy.

He's given Viral Curation his full stamp of approval.

Known as the Godfather of Facebook groups.

He's an A-list copywriter, prolific author, product creator and most known for founding the Supersite Dogington Post.

The number one dog website on the internet.

Like any other marketer, writer or blogger, he needed a way to create original viral content and do it fast.

Viral Curation answered the call.

Viral Curation searches the web and social media posts, harvests the content and feeds them into an A.I. brain.

I'm talking about billions of pieces of content.

And as you use Viral Curation, the A.I. brain analyzes your content and gets smarter and smarter, as it learns how you use content.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to monetize their blog or website.

One blog post or website page could be worth thousands of dollars.

Why let Google and Facebook make all the money?

When you can write fresh, viral content faster than a sly smile.

Facebook to Pay Content Creators $1 Billion

Facebook is now starting a program to pay people for viral content on their timeline. Using Viral Curation gives you a boost over everyone else.

Your greed glands should be getting excited by now.

And since you've read this far down the page.

And you know how Viral Curation can save you hours of time…

…and end writer's block.

Plus find content Facebook and Google will fall over backwards to share.

You have two options…

Option #1: Do nothing and stay hunched over your laptop, rack your brain with new writing ideas and retire each night with achy hands and fatigue.

If you have enough content and are not worried about Facebook post views.

...or exploding your blog income or sending server-melting traffic to your website…

…then you don't need Viral Curation.

But if you want the quickest and easiest way to create content and find viral content to share, then you have the option below.

Option #2. Kick start your business, blog or Facebook group with one simple action.

There are two ways to sign up for Viral Curation.

The Cheap Date: You have no idea if you even like the person you're on the date with. You don't want to take them to the fanciest restaurant in town (yet). Yet you want to get to know them better.

Use Viral Curation For 30 Days For Just 10 Cents a Day

That's right, for less than a cup of coffee at any coffee shop you can get more content and traffic with less effort.

Monthly Billing
$97.00/ month

There are no hidden fees. You'll receive full access immediately.

Select Plan
Save up to 35%
Annual Billing
$62.50/ month

There are no hidden fees. Save over $400 with a yearly plan.

Select Plan

Supported Platforms:


If you’re ready to watch waves of traffic overwhelm your server. (The Dogington Post actually crashed its server when 57,000 visits a minute came in response to a viral post)

As thousands share your Facebook posts and blog articles, then you’re my kind of client.

We know you’ll be here for the long haul.

And it starts right here and now.


If you’ve read this far, you must be serious about viral traffic. I know we are. Viral Content + Traffic = Money.

I know some people sell software that uses A.I. to automatically generate website content, but sooner or later Google is going to catch on and ban your site.

They will also ban you from AdSense for life.

Someone recently showed me 400 sites they built automatically using spammy software.

They were stripped of their Adsense account.

Is it worth the risk when an ethical solution is available?

We know one thing, we are in this for the long haul. This is software that will be updated regularly – and you’ll never need to download anything because it’s automatically updated on our server.

You’re always using the latest version!

See you on the inside.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Yes! Viral Curation is a web-based app. It will work both on Mac and PC and with most mobile devices.

Yes! Actually, you don't need to install any plugins that could break WordPress.

We're not here for the people who buy, don't use, and then refund in 30 days. Sorry, this isn't for you. There are no refunds for your purchase.

It's like a car. Once you take it out of the showroom it's yours. However, unlike a car, you can discontinue use and stop future payments.

Yes! You will have access to our support desk and instructions (videos and pdf).

There are no upsells! Everything is built right in the software and it's only going to get better as we add more and more features.

You can use this software if you are on a Mac or a PC.


You can use this software from a desktop, laptop, or tablet.