Introducing Viral Curation

You are just one click away from boosting your reach on facebook, exploding your blog income, and breaking all traffic records with one little trick

Introducing viral curation...

We live in a world where going viral has become part of our vocabulary. A Tweet, YouTube video, Facebook post can suddenly explode. Blog posts that go viral can bring down even the most powerful server. I know this because we crash our server on a regular basis.

One of our recent posts on Facebook set off a feeding frenzy where Liquid Web struggled to keep our site up with 57,000 people trying to get on our site…every second. They never saw anything like it in their history. What was it that caused our high-level server to crash like a crazed tsunami wave? A post about dog abuse.

Viral = massive traffic

Under Facebook’s rules of engagement, posts that are viral can be seen by millions and millions of people. And when people see something that they like, they click share.

Why do people click share – a necessary ingredient for anything to go viral? Because of 3 primary reasons:

  1. They want to be the first to share important news.
  2. They want to look good by sharing the news.
  3. The item moves them emotionally.

Two years ago people were buying likes to Facebook pages like they were ice-cream at a hot beach. And then, with no warning whatsoever, Facebook slashed organic reach. Overnight, a post that might have reached a million people was reaching just a few thousand.

And while businesses reacted with anger and disgust, Facebook never retracted their decision. In fact, they have taken further steps to limit the organic reach of posts. Fortunately, I have a secret weapon up my sleeve that I’ll share with you.

One morning I received a phone call from Brooke. She and her sister Brandy run the DogingtonPost and the CatingtonPost. “Harlan, I discovered a glitch in Facebook...”

When she told me her findings I responded “that’s ridiculous.” But she was persistent. “Harlan I’ve tested and tested this and tracked this for a week on both pages.”

What she had discovered was that if you shared a viral video, Facebook seemed to give you credit for it being viral and showed it to more of your fans. For some odd reason, Facebook dropped its Edgerank principles when dealing with viral content. Brooke was entirely correct, In the game of rock, paper, scissors – viral content beat everything.

We started using the Viral Curation Software on the CatingtonPost. Even though we had far fewer likes than the DogingtonPost, we had twice the organic reach because of the software. This really works!

Brooke Arnold Managing Editor CatingtonPost

We kept testing and looking for holes in the Facebook system. What we discovered was so powerful that even close friends told me flat out, “You’re wrong.” – Until they tested it.

Facebook craves viral content

It’s no secret that Facebook wants to dominate the web. That’s why Facebook bought Instagram – because it brings them more users and a younger demographic. And that’s why e-commerce will soon be coming to the Facebook platform.

Facebook knows that people will stay online longer for Viral Content – so if you’ll give Facebook viral content, it will reward you with organic reach.

Viral Content is like crack-cocaine for Facebook. And rather than fight Facebook or trick Facebook, we’re going to give it EXACTLY what it wants.

Facebook knows all

Like the Eye of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings, Facebook knows and sees all. And as soon as you post a link, Facebook knows it’s Viral Content. Note: It doesn’t matter if it’s your content and it doesn’t matter if it’s original content.

Heck, it doesn’t even matter if it’s true.
If it’s Viral Content Facebook is going to give you the equivalent of a big wet kiss – and blast your organic reach through the roof.

Here’s the kicker, if you have Viral Content on your blog and you link to it on a Facebook page, Facebook opens the gates to a flood of traffic to your page. It’s like people crashing the gates of Walmart on Black Friday trying to buy a 72″ Flatscreen for $1.29.

And to quote Chief Brody in Jaws, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Ever since we began using the Viral Curation software our page reach has gone up dramatically. We now find stories we missed before.

Brandy Arnold Managing Editor DogingtonPost

Curation vs. Stealing

If you want organic traffic from Google, viral content is the way to go. Google sees all those likes and shares and treats them as if they were backlinks. So powerful social driven content pushes your site higher in the rankings.

There’s a difference between curation and plagiarism. And this is super-important.

If you rip off someone’s post, Google knows all. They know where you took it from. They know you stole it. And instead of boosting your page, it sends you so far back in the Google index, it’s like you’re forever online for Space Mountain at Disney World – and the line never moves.

Now there are different article spinners out there, each promising to be better than the next. And they produce an acceptable product – if English is your fourteenth language. Google chews up spun content and spits it out. It recognizes it and laughs at it in a nano-second. Since March 2013, spinning content is old news – the kind you wrap the trash in.

But if you curate the content – you select bits and pieces of the content, re-writing it so it’s original, and quoting and linking to the source – well that’s the Holy Grail of Google these days.

In fact, since curation is all about adding value and opinions, our curated posts rise rapidly to the top of Google. In fact, it’s hard to find a post we’ve published that ISN’T on the front page of Google. We routinely outrank major publications such as The HuffingtonPost, NY Times, London Times, and many other authority sites for stories we’ve curated – FROM THEM!

Curation – in Google’s mind – is the next best thing to Godliness.

I have used many, many, many blogging tools over the years, and your app is, in my opinion, the most useful and valuable blogging tool I've ever seen.

Jim Van Wyck Social Media Expert

Viral curation to the rescue

With this introduction, let me take you inside the viral curation software

Software written for ethical people

I’ll be the first to tell you that Viral Curation is not the only software that finds and lets you publish viral content. But there are three huge differences between ours and THEIR’S:

  1. THEIR software costs $2000 (or more)
  2. THEIR software steals content
  3. THEIR software spins content.

So if you want to kill your site in the eyes of Google, feel free to use THEIR software.

This is what original content looks like:

“That decision came after the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals filed 267 animal cruelty charges against LoSacco. In those charges, the NJSPC alleged, among other things, that LoSacco exposed puppies to illnesses by co-mingling healthy and sick animals. Three dead dogs were allegedly found in the store’s freezer on Feb. 29.”

This is the a top-rated content spinner:

“That choice followed the New Jacket Culture for the Avoidance of Ruthlessness to Pets submitted 267 pet viciousness fees versus LoSacco. In those costs, the NJSPC declared, to name a few experiences, that LoSacco subjected puppy dogs to health problems by co-mingling healthy and balanced as well as ill pets. 3 dead canines were supposedly discovered in the shop’s fridge freezer on Feb. 29.”

Do you really want to spin your content? If you are ethical and want Google driving traffic to your site instead of blacklisting it, keep reading to discover more about Viral Curation.

Software written to my standards

Although I’ve worked with my Ninja programmer Val before, this time I made him crazy with my demands. No, we can’t let people steal other peoples’ content. Yes we should give them access to free stock photos. No we shouldn’t violate Instagram’s terms of service.

Frankly, I wore him into the ground. You see, when I create software, I want it to last. I don’t break the rules and I want it to work for years.

This software will work now and for years to come. And because Facebook is always changing its code, this means we will be constantly updating it.

Here’s what viral curation software does now:

Viral Content

Searches online for viral content and returns content to you according to the most shared online.

Advanced Filters

It lets you search by the past day, week, month, six months, year, content type, or language.


It lets you either download photos from the site, access our stock photos, or use your photos.

Canva Editor

It lets you use the popular Canva design editor and publish your graphics directly from the app.


It has a built-in editor, so you can easily create social media posts or curate content.


It lets you manage your content in one place.


It lets you publish content to the most popular social media and blog platforms.

Social Media & Blog Publishing

It makes it easy to post and schedule your posts.


It lets you see all the content that you have published.


It lets you add team members to help you create and publish content.

Organic Search & Social Traffic

Lets you build organic reach on Facebook with viral content and builds your organic reach on Google with curated content.

Let’s take a look under the hood

Viral Search of Cats Under The Eyes

Search For Viral Posts By Website

Create Content For Social Media & Blog Platforms

Publish Your Content

Software for everyone

You can use this software if you are on a Mac or a PC. You can use this software from a desktop, laptop, or tablet. You can log-in from home or from work. Your purchase is for one log-in. If you want an outsourcer on your account we can add a license for it.

The reason people abandon software

Most internet marketers develop software, sell it, and then skip town. If the software doesn’t work, your emails go into a black hole. There’s no response. That’s why we charge a monthly fee. So we can constantly update the software and keep it fresh – forever.

What’s ahead for this software? Integration with Pinterest, Tumblr, and TypePad. And we’re already using this software at our websites DogingtonPost and CatingtonPost so we know it works.

But the software doesn’t work on my wordpress blog

Some WordPress developers make special changes to your blog without telling you. If our software can’t post to your WordPress blog (and you know the credentials are correct) most likely this is the issue. It’s a 30 second fix that we can tell you about.

We are here to provide excellent support at viralcuration AT

One single viral post could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you (or more)

If you are monetizing your site with Google AdSense, MediaNet, Content.Ad, Taboola, Outbrain, or Sovrn, viral posts can bring in more than six figures a month. Yes, it’s true.

So that makes the monthly outlay for the software pale in significance.

Let Viral Curation go to work on YOUR business.

No upsell hell (I promise)

I hate buying something and then being shown item after item that I’m told is essential. These upsells go on and on endlessly. If you hate upsells, you’re going to LOVE Viral Curation. There are no upsells! Everything is built right in the software and it’s only going to get better as we add more and more features. We’re counting on users to make suggestions to make this the one piece of software you won’t want to be without.

But harlan, i don’t know how to curate…

Relax buckeroo. I’m going to give you my video on 14 Different Curation Methods. Watch it and you’ll know exactly what to do. There is no guesswork involved. It’s so easy Kalba my Pomeranian can do it.

Not your average software – i’m not your average guy

Val my programmer read the sales letter and asked – “where are the piles of money and fancy cars?” You can’t sell software without it. My share of the proceeds goes nearly 100% to charity.

We are looking for serious users

If getting traffic is important to you... if you’re ready to smile as waves of traffic take down your server, you’re our kind of client. We know you’ll be here for the long haul. If building reach on Facebook and bringing organic traffic to your site are vital to you (or your clients) ...prepare to be amazed.

We’re not here for the people who buy, don’t use, and then refund in 30 days. Sorry, this isn’t for you. Of course, we’re losing a bunch of sales that way but we want to deal with people really interested in traffic.

Viral Curation is offered two ways:

  1. subscription based software. If you find it doesn’t fit your needs (it will), just shoot us an email to viralcuration AT and we will cancel all future payments.
  2. on a yearly basis at a significant discount. You know the value of viral content and you know the right viral post can pay for your purchase 100 times over in the first month.

There are no refunds for your purchase. It’s like a car. Once you take it out of the showroom it’s yours. However, unlike a car, you can discontinue use and stop future payments.

Save over $400 with a yearly subscription.

One final thought

If you’ve read this far you must be serious about viral traffic. I know we are. Viral Traffic = Money. I know some people would prefer the software that steals and automatically rewrites your software but I’ve discovered long ago that you can’t fool Google. Sooner or later they’re going to catch you and ban you. Maybe they will take away your AdSense account if someone complains. Is it worth the risk when an ethical solution is available?

We know one thing, we are in this for the long haul. This is software that will be updated regularly – and you’ll never need to download anything because it’s automatically updated on our server. You’re always using the latest version!

We seriously want your suggestions for the software. We want this to be an amazing experience for every user.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Will Viral Curation run on my Mac or PC?
Yes! Viral Curation is a web-based app. It will work both on Mac and PC and with most mobile devices.

Q: Does Viral Curation integrate with the latest WordPress version?
Yes! Actually, you don't need to install any plugins that could break WordPress.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?
We're not here for the people who buy, don't use, and then refund in 30 days. Sorry, this isn't for you. There are no refunds for your purchase. It's like a car. Once you take it out of the showroom it's yours. However, unlike a car, you can discontinue use and stop future payments.

Q: Will you help me, if I need assistance?
Yes! You will have access to our support desk and instructions (videos and pdf).

Q: Are there any OTOs / Upsells?
There are no upsells! Everything is built right in the software and it's only going to get better as we add more and more features.

Q: So, what now?
Click here now to choose a plan that works for you. Remember, you can save $400 with a yearly subscription.